Saturday, September 23, 2017

Should I roll charisma to back seat drive or something?

"Just a moment.  Shits on fire.  Shits on fire not enough." Mnemia

"Perception and awareness everyone else?" GM
"One."  Ioni
"twenty-seven" Kadon
"fuckoff.." Ioni

"And whats this 'every night I'm coming for you?" GM
"Well that sounds like something I would do." Mnemia

"what we like tampons?" Mnemia
"Yes... tampax." Ioni

"We are the men in black.  We are here to solve all the issues that are cropping up.  Pay no attention to the glowing man, he is currently ingesting the problems."  Ioni
"What am I doing?" Kadon
"ingesting the problems." Ioni
"You should just whisper 'get in my belly'" Mnemia