Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nuke from orbit...

"I'm all for 200 [yard totemic bonfire].  It's not like we're trying to hide." Ioni
"Ehh... well we have a nuke." Mnemia
"50 is gonna fuck up the other side of the highway anyway." Zuko
"Cars flying through this fight area are absolutely stunt based." Mnemia
"Fuck the masquerade." Zuko
"It's not our Masquerade.  Fuck the world.  We're trying to stop this world from ever existing." Mnemia

"Thats alright, go on with the scene, and I'll find a way to insert myself." Kadon
"Pervert." Zuko

"So we are on the highway with our semi, with the nuke in the back and the secon dcircle demon that we caught that isn't from Malfeas, he says he's from the abyss.  And he's kind of weird for a creature of darkness so he's some new kind of demon thing.  So what do we do?  We beat the shit out of him, knock him unconcious will interrogate him later." Zuko

"He has a spear that makes things older?" Kadon
"Yes." Zuko
"if it makes us old enough we can hit essence 6." Kadon
"I've already expected that question, and NO!" GM

"I will dick wave at the giant scythe person." Zuko

"if you had made it any smaller, I was going to weild it as a melee weapon." Zuko about our nuke

"My first hit is doing ...... 50 dice of agravated damage....  28 levels of ag."  Zuko

"Stores essence times two weapons elsewhere.... We're stashing the nuke in elsewhere." Mnemia

"All the left socks came out of elsewhere because I put a weapon of mass destruction in there." Mnemia