Sunday, August 24, 2014

Now Extra Creamy

"Thats it, we need a group of bordercollies that just go around and pick up the kids."  Ioni
"Yes, Dash.  Time to make better baby sitting fuck monkies.  Get on it." Zuko
"Bordercollies!" Ioni
"No more fucking monkeys." Kadon

"Kids sneak a lot, but fine, be paranoid little bastards about it." GM
"Kids are sneaking away from mom, they did something wrong!" Zuko
"And, apparently with cocaine." Mnemia
"Great big lines of it." Ioni
"WHAT?!" Zuko
"Your kids are like six!" Kadon
"Why the fuck are your kids..." Zuko
"I don't know, Ophelia wants cocaine.  And Mnemia has some suspiciouns about where she got the idea from." Mnemia
"Zuko?" Ioni
"Why would I do... I'm not that stupid!" Zuko

"Well its okay, we got the kids back.  So Ioni just tells you another stupid death lord is going against another stupid deathlord so POPCORN!" Ioni
"Wait... back up a few steps.  Whose moving against a who?"  Mnemia
"Uhh, pale child who plays with broken toys *COUGHNOCOINCIDENCECOUGH*"  Ioni
"Hey Bite me.." GM
"Is going against somebody, Symphony of Silence.  Not sure how there can be a symphony when its all quiet.  But, y'know.  He's going on a lootinany of pillaging."  Ioni

"Well, no one gets to beat up Symphony until we do." Mnemia
"Well, Symphony is currently frozen, so Pale child is going to town." Ioni
"We need to kick some Pale Child ass." Mnemia
"Spank.  Lots of Spanking." Ioni

"The squirrel girls did what!?" Zuko
"20 foot automatons of ambiguous assignments.  They were apparently instructed to go for nuts.  There were injuries." Kadon
"Is there a picture from Arvia of a metal monkey construct with more arms eyes and fire that a normal monkey should have, complete with the words, 'now in extra creamy.'" Mnemia
"Oh yes, that sounds about right." Kadon

"I just want to point out, of the group, I'm the one having a pretty normal day." Zuko

"Just so I'm clear, um why does it know first age commercial jingles."  Zuko

"If it helps, I know that I had not part of it." Zuko