Friday, December 14, 2012

As a holy day, Sunday is reserved for Taco Bell

The Hobbit is out!

"There is some part of me that says you need an occasional Taco Bell.  So I've made a rule, Sunday is Taco Bell Day."  GM

"And between the words Chronic and Taco was a giant marijuana leaf." GM
"Ahhh California." Kadon
"Hey, come to Washington.  That shit's legal!" Ioni

"No, going after the Death Lord won't help us going after Lucy any.  More about destabilizing the area and getting the Death Lords to get into some additional conflict with each other as a result.  It's about getting some of those Exaltation prisms and seeing how to break some of those a part."   Mnemia
"Oh bull shit.  You are just wanting to break some one's shit." GM
"He wants to add a Death Lord to his collection." Ioni
"Breaking someone's shit is pretty awesome, but this can be more than breaking someone's shit."  Mnemia
"I'm aware of that.  But what you and Zuko originally came up with was 'Hi, I'm Zuko and this is Mnemia Tya and this is JACKASS!" GM
"Some times destruction is an end of its self, but again, we can be constructive here." Mnemia

"... or can the Alchemical just turn into a boat or something?" Mnemia
"I think that was directed at you GM." Kadon
"I know, I had a mouth full of taco." GM

"We've already pissed Lucy off.  It's not like we can make that significantly worse." Mnemia
"Yeah, that's true." Kadon
"Just sort of warn here 'y'know bitch, we're not going anywhere... here's a soul breaker orb.'" Mnemia
"Or we could just strap her down and force her to watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on repeat." Ioni
"What you got against My Little Pony?!" GM
"Nothing!  Just might break her!" Ioni
"Just trying to reinforce the whole magic is friendship thing." GM
"Though I said Friendship is Magic...... not magic is friendship.... GAH! Stop reversing what I say!" Ioni
"I'm so glad I don't know what you're talking about!" Mnemia

"It is a good show!" GM
"But Ioni wouldn't like it because there are no Vampires and incest." Kadon
"That's probably true."  GM

Click for link!
"Y'know Ioni, you've sent a lot of pictures, this is the ... probable the first one that's actually scarred me."  Mnemia
"What... the hell!" Kadon
"That is not what I want to think about whe I see great tits!  So... fuck you Ioni...." Mnemia
"I... is that Patrick Stewart and Bruce Willis?  That is creepy as fuck.  Oh god, go away!" Kadon
"There is a little X button at the top of the screen that will accomplish that for you." GM
"Oh it doesn't just go away.  You can't just click that X button and not see that." Mnemia
Ioni follows with another link.

"Mnemia weren't you the one pointing out 'why are you clicking on those things?'" Ioni
"Can't not click on it when it shows up!" GM
"Normally they're funny.  I don't have the delicate sensibilities as other people at the table... but... that was.." Mnemia
"Screw you too, sir!" GM
"That one was inappropriate, Ioni.  It'd appreciate it if.." Mnemia
"He does not want you to destroy tits."  GM
"That being said, you should share this with Zuko."  Kadon
"Oh he's going to look thorugh this and there is no warning to this post."  Mnemia

"Some of the names that they use for vehicles.. I think really?  I thought we were playing a serious game."  Kadon

"That's just sick and wrong Kadon." GM
"Uhm, I have worked hard to be this sick and wrong." Kadon
"Yeah I know you have." GM
"And to be fair, it could be way sicker and way wronger." Kadon
"Get an alchemical involved." Mnemia

"Despite Zuko promising to be an ass about it, as soon as they come back, Mnemia will tell them about her charm.  When check in time happens." Mnemia

"Basically see if in the 48 hour mark a new issue has been added.... by certain party members.  Namely Zuko." GM
"I HAVE... okay."  Ioni objecting

"And that's how it will go down." Kadon
"You're just jealous I won't go down on you, Kadon." Ioni
"It's true.  I totally am." Kadon
......."Awkward silence....." Ioni
"I would have picked sad or envious... No, not envious... but... uhm..." GM

"I'm sure there are worse... and I don't wanna..." GM
"Oh! I'll find worse for you" Ioni goes link hunting.
"NO!" GM
"I'll find worse for you... link  ... if you click on that link it's your fault!   Something with ample indication you don't want to click on that!" Mnemia
GM Clicks and... "Awww!  That's kind of cute, actually."
Ioni follows with link. And then her piece de resistance!

"Right and in the sense of doing things I'm not proud of, I'm not sure how to take that.... Also, euphemisms are not something I'd expect from the design weavers, just sayin'!" Kadon

"Collect her?  Is she a fuckin' pokemon now?  That gives me an idea for an artifact." Kadon
"You're not going all Ash Catchem on the Games of Divinity, dammit!" GM
"Now now, I'm thinking the poke-ball may be the ideal form of spiritual asshole containment." Kadon
"Cosmic power, itty bitty living space." GM
"Pretty much." Kadon
"Does that mean Robin Williams is a primordial asshole?" GM
"Yes." Ioni

"... build another floor on my tower." GM
"Where is Godzilla when you need him..." Mnemia
"I don't' know where Godzilla is.  There is no Godzilla in this one.  I can dress them up as Godzilla, or frogs... or bees." GM
"Covered in bees!" Kadon

"Couple of cute emails written up at the top with 'My Robots!'.. Here's a question for you.  Is there anything not yours?" GM
"No.  Well, I'm sure there are some things." Mnemia
"I don't think you want to lay claim to all the STDs out there." ioni
"I was about to say, there are 249 other Exalts out there..." GM
"They can't have my robots, they can't have my city, they can't have my artifact..  It's really simple." Mnemia
"Anything he has pissed on, they cannot have." Ioni
"Oh you know it's true!" Ioni
"That is not entirely inaccurate!" Mnemia

"Wits-Lore?  Good Lord." Kadon
"You're having Lore Jeopardy with ZIS and she's winning!" Ioni

"If you can figure out why she is crying...." Mnemia
"No one told Ioni so Ioni can't have a session with her....  I did not mean to make that sound so sex oriented..." Ioni

"Dude... your girlfriends crazy!" Ioni
"No shit!" Mnemia

"Are we close enough I can spray paint on a wall 'Solars Are Awesome'?" Ioni
"I'm pretty sure, even if it takes a little time, even if the system should be frozen, we don't want to taunt the realm!" Mnemia
"DAMMIT!" Ioni

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killervp said...

Ok, the first link is the most disturbing- especially if you watch it enough times to try and figure out if it is Stewart & Willis....