Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A concerted effort to not be a 'fight evil' kind of guy.

"Just waiting for this to get started and thinking about what I'm going to do for dinner." Mnemia
"Lure small children into the oven and cook 'em." Ioni
"She who will kick all of our asses gets mad when I do that." Mnemia
"What if they are bad children.  Cuz then you're really doing a service." Ioni
"Police don't seem to think so.  And if I do it again, apparently it will be escalated to the FBI."  Mnemia
Ioni follows with this.

"If a certain amount of alcohol is not drunk each night; the house gets mad at us and will try to kill us." Zuko

"Just reminds me of Blue Mage."  Mnemia on Kadons new thing of being hit by a charm and then knowing it.
"okay.." GM
"It's a Final Fantasy thing if you don't really get it." Mnemia
"Yeah... I've..." GM
"I followed it, buddy!  He's a Quistis, and we all knew that all along." Zuko
"what?" Kadon
"OMG it fits more and more the more I think about it.  Jesus." Zuko
"Don't disparage the Quistis.  It is way more awesome." Mnemia
"He's even a teacher!  It just keeps getting better!" Zuko
"His preferred weapon turns to whip.  I'm sure he's proficient." Mnemia
"Isn't whip a martial arts weapon?" GM
"Way to ruin it all, GM." Zuko

"Excuse me while I go play in traffic to level up." GM

"If I'm walking down the street, naked.... It doesn't seem odd to anyone.  You don't notice I'm out of sorts.  So I'm just part of the crowd.  It'll be weird that a guy is walking down the street a little but everyone is like 'Oh, oh well... okay... that's what people do here.'"  Zuko

"They make your motivation to eat cup-cakes." Zuko
"That is hostile to my diet." Kadon
"That is not hostile to you or your motivation." Zuko
"Therefore I don't care..." Kadon
"If Kadon changes his motivation to be dieting, I'm kicking his ass." Zuko
"It's not a motivation, it's an intimacy."  Kadon

"This thing pretty much gives you Integrity Protecting Piranha..." GM
"Okay, I'm sorry GM, normally I try not to do this, but I have to stop you: Prana."  Kadon
"Piranha?" GM
"Prana."  Kadon
"Prana. ok."  GM
"Not Piranha..."  Kadon
"Those are tiny fish that bite you." Zuko

"Not that I'm hurting in any way as to where to put my hearth stones."  Kadon
"Well we just got some more, you can just shove 'em up your ass.." Zuko

"Unless you wear sun-glasses...... I can just see Kadon going 'deal with it.'.... More importantly, 'It looks like this mans day just got....Exalted.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOHHHHH!'" Zuko

"Stop with the loud typing!" Kadon
"Fuck your face!"  Zuko
"Get a head set?" Kadon
"No, cuz then I can't walk out to the toilet." Zuko
"Get a wireless headset?......... with a mute?" GM
"Cuz then you'll have me going 'guys guys guys... I'm pooping right now.'"  Zuko
"You know he would do it." Ioni
"I would take experience points away." GM
"And he would like take pictures of it and IM it to youa nd say see it looks like.." Ioni
"AHHH he has a fuckin' iPhone, he can do it now if he wants to and don't you fucking dare." GM
"Why haven't you done that to them, Zuko." Ioni
"I'm on it.... Dude let me tell you about this sweet floater... I had corn." Zuko

"Ioni can generate a 5 willpower social effect, and all she has to do is talk to them."  Kadon
"Yes, Ioni  can.  However, the reason she hasn't done that on most of your enemies is cuz.." GM
"THEY DON'T STAY ALIVE!" Ioni - GM dies laughing.
"I just had this mental image of these three great warriors covered in blood and Ioni is in chibi form in the background 'you're killing all my new friends!'" GM

"Did Kadon just fuck the Eye [of Autocthon] for a session?" Zuko

"But I could say, stupify them." Zuko
"Yes you need more opportunities to do that.. you already have... sigh." GM
"If you want, I can unlearn these and go down the Heavens Thunder tree."  Zuko
"Hush..." GM
"Where I automatically win grapples no matter what...  Go down there and wrestle Malfeas around and call him a little bitch." Zuko
"This is what happens when you give Solars 700 XP." GM

"She'll be in conversation with you and suddenly switch languages."  GM
"Why is your girlfriend speaking in tongues." Zuko
"She's not, she's speaking in high holy gobble-de-gook." Mnemia

"And from the other side, you see Scarlet enter." GM
"Oh is she gonna get it later!" Zuko
"Controlling much?" Kadon

"Zuko hangs out with people who do terrible shit when left to their own devices.." Zuko
"I only got high that one time." Ioni
"Yeah, I just got stoned and decided to take upon myself to usurp all of the Solar rule in an attempt to fix them.  It was really good grass." Zuko

"You hear something muffled in exchange."  GM
"It's Batman." Mnemia
"No." GM

"No, that's someone else." GM
"Obviously he's talking about the mailbox he boinked last week." Ioni
"You guys are full of such love." GM
"It's a plushy mail box."  Mnemia
"Give us one reason to be, and maybe we will!" Zuko

"Oh wait, that person.  Why don't we just kill this person now?" Zuko
"Because unlike you, we're not fuckin' sociopaths!"  Kadon
"Hey!  Mnemia is!" Ioni

"Well, reaching him is not an issue with Squirrel phone.  We had a LOTR Game, and we had our communications team, which had Radagast, and we had our own SquirrelNet."  GM

"He's just trying to pull the microphone out of his pants." Ioni
"Entangled cords." Kadon
"So it IS down your pants." GM
"It's really long!  What can I say."  Kadon
"Like sketti!" Zuko
"We're still talking about earphone cords, right?" Kadon
"Fuck you Zuko.  I'm currently ramen..." Mnemia

"You encounter Gavin when you get back to the city and he inquires as to how he can help you." GM
"Stand there, so we can punch you in the face." Ioni

"Saving the world 'n' shit really gets in the way of running a business." Kadon
"I know!" Ioni
"It's really hard to test the product when you're constantly having to run off to save the Universe." GM
"ZIS was making some good headway... and pelvis-way."  Ioni

"All of those are in the building?!" Kadon
"Ioni employs a lot of whores." Zuko
"That is quite the collection you have there.." Kadon
"How much has my collection grown here?" Ioni

"Oh my god, they are all gingers!" Ioni
"People like red-heads..." GM
"There was a reason I liked this place." Kadon
"Plus they have no souls, so who cares." GM

"I'm pretty sure everyone Kadon has ever wyld shaped is a ginger." Kadon
"Wait, does that mean the pregnant women are.... what about the babies?" Ioni
"Did I wyld shape the babies?" Kadon
"You wyld shaped pregnant women." Ioni
"When did he do that?"  GM
"A while ago, we were wondering if he wyld shaped pregnant women if the children would have souls." Ioni
"If they were ginger, by definition they won't." Zuko
"Whore house... go to the whore house!" Mnemia
"Mnemia says through gritted teeth!" GM
"We go get our fuck on, dammit!" Zuko

"You go in..."  GM
"Then we go out." Zuko
"Then we go in, then we go out..." Ioni
"See GM, it's like sex!"  Zuko
"Just a classy operation we run here." GM
"Dude, we put the ass in class." Ioni

"Just the tone of voice was like, that sounds like a psychopath that is set off by music." GM

"Do you have any particular wish for Gavin to go in with you?  He has a wish to stay outside and search the place in case anyone leaves."  GM
"Gavin's just afraid to go inside in case he gets the response Norm gets in Cheers." Mnemia
"No, he's gonna get 'DADDY!'" Zuko
"He doesn't want to get weird ed out by his own children being sex slaves?" Mnemia
"The two are not, in his opinion, mutually exclusive." Kadon
"What if someone goes 'Grandpa-daddy!'?" Ioni
"Perhaps more the whore thing not the child thing." GM
"Oh they are no longer children once they have their period." Ioni
"God... dammit... Ioni." GM
"From a business perspective, if that a net increase or a net decrease in value?" Kadon
"It's an increase because they can still pull off the whole childish look while still being slightly child-bearing-ish.."  Ioni
"Way to follow with the creepy on that, Ioni." Kadon

"We go into the Whore house, grabbing Gavins frequent fucker card." Zuko

"Just a heads out, some dude, coming out, dropping his trouser, doesn't stop us." Mnemia
"Kadon will look but continue." Kadon
"Zuko will look and go 'meh.'" Zuko
"That's not necessarily he drops trou, he strikes the Captain Morgan pose, and it goes PFFT!" GM
"It's an impressive dropping trou but Mnemia will just go on." Mnemia
"Zuko will look at him, then go to Ioni: 'that's all your giving the women to work with?'"  Zuko
"It's not like we can go out and clone you multiple times." Ioni
"Kadon is turned on by the thought of multiple Zukos."  Zuko
"No, not so much." Kadon

"Do you bring ZIS?" GM
"Nope, she's gotta watch the boat." Mnemia
"Somewhere there is ZIS going 'I'm missing something.'" GM

"Well of course..." GM
"Goes a little limp at the thought?" Mnemia
"Like a slide whistle?" Zuko
"Well he is Fae blooded."  GM
"Pat him on the shoulder.  15 minutes, we're a little busy, don't take it personally." Mnemia
"Question is, does it make Mnemia go maybe." Zuko
"Question is, if you have your hearthstone, did patting him on the shoulder just do Agg? THE BURNING! OH GOD!" Kadon

"Thank you for refraining from injuring my product before I can sell it." Ioni
"Always lookin' out for ya." Mnemia

"Whores... we keep looking for whores!" Mnemia

"Hey Kadon, why don't we have you learn Total Annihilation again?" Zuko
"It's full of evil?" Kadon
"Fly by nukes, c'mon!" Zuko
"Over-kill." Kadon
"Not on like, Death Lords!" Zuko
"Ehh... Kadon's making a concerted effort to not be a fight evil kind of guy." Kadon
"That's not evil!  Some times you have to blow up a fuckin' army!" Zuko

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