Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's a Venn Diagram of Hate.

"I now have my own personal Bile-otron starter." GM

"It's a Venn Diagram of hate." Kadon
"... using the...  does give hope there's only one of them." Mnemia

"He has elaborate fantasies of being mailed somewhere so he can do mass murder or mass fucking." Ioni rehashing GMs statement.
"Did he say mailed or nailed?" Zuko

"For dessert is it just a tube of cookie dough?" GM
"That's disgusting?" Zuko
"What?  Dem's good eatin!" GM

"Last time, on Exalted Ball-Z... what happened.?" Zuko
"Well, Kadon sat in a park.  Mnemia did not get to punch anything.  Zuko has yet to find who is attempting to sleep steal.  And Scartlet has turned into a pig.  We are now proceeding to search for a snake that Scarlet can hunt down and kill so Scarlet can learn to unhinge her jaw.  And that's so she, as squirrel form, can swallow a whole pig." Ioni

"Spirit RAAAAAPE!" Zuko

"Someone want to stick a dick in his ear?...  Just opening up possibilities." Zuko
"I will step back on this one.....  Kadon, dick his ear." Ioni

"I could just heal him." Kadon
"Sounds dangerously like helping him." Zuko

"Slapping is not going to be the solution here, I feel." Kadon
"Woah woah... more punching is always the solution." Zuko

"I've got Schrodingers asshole??" Zuko

"If Ioni is here, she's not blowing all the transportation people so people aren't getting their food as cheaply as they could." Zuko

"If I tell Zuko to do anything, he won't do it."  Mnemia
"I don't think that's true.  If you tell Zuko to punch someone in the face, he will." GM
"I doubt it.  He wouldn't do it just to be contrary." Kadon
"HEY!" Zuko

"There is hard to say, then there is the fact I'm a fuckin' genius." Kadon

"By the time you reach 600 XP, whether you're in complete darkness is not a problem." Zuko

"Are there markings on the floor?  Pictures?  Numbers?  Star-gate Symbols?" Kadon
"Penises?" Ioni
"Dirty Limericks?" Zuko

"Can we rip out the floors and move on?" Mnemia

"How can I help with this punching plan?" Mnemia
"Okay..." GM
"Fuck it!  LOCK OPENING TOUCH!" Zuko

"I don't see a sign anywhere that says 'Tomb of Horrors' or 'Hidden Manse 2' I hope." Mnemia

"If that douche bag made 7 hidden manses..." Mnemia

"Let's go blow up the Blessed Isle, let Kadon deal with the bad stuff.  We're done!  Campaign over boys!" Zuko

"I may be just a simple country night caste, but this creature just brought us to an Eye of Autocthon." Zuko

"Mnemia will also say, that better be a charm that summons puppies and kittens." Mnemia

"Your mom is a central node!" Zuko

"You should j-paff it." Zuko
"Unlike Zuko, I have class." Kadon
"With students that you sleep with.  Just sayin' it's an important diagnostic tool." Zuko

"..then so long bitches!" Zuko

"Do you know about a translucent spirit who seems allergic to be known?" Kadon

"Gavin will say, I told you I wasn't making it up!" GM
"I felt it while I was playing around down there!" Zuko

"Sup Autocthon!  It's been fun in your body so far!" Zuko
"That's...what she said?" GM
"What she's are going in your body?!" Zuko

"All you have to say dude, is she was never into ass play." Kadon
"At least not hers." Zuko
"Eww..." GM

"You have found the power button!" Ioni when Kadon looks into the Eye of Autocthon.
"No, I have found the command line interface..  What is the help command?  /help?.. Hello World?" Kadon
"Wait... format*.*..." Zuko

"Big Blunts 420." Zuko
"FBI Surveillance Van." GM
"Free Candy." GM

"Where is Kadon's Eye of Autocthon Authenticator?" Zuko
"On his iPhone which he has not invented yet.  Fuck!  Don't make me Steve Jobs." Kadon


"Alright.  Mnemia, lie down, I need to get root access!" Zuko

During a random discussion of how "no boobs are bad."
Example one.  Example two.  Example three.

"Autocthon and the Wyld never got along together, basically cuz Autocthon saw the Wyld as a Cheeseburger.  A place to basically take a shit." GM
"The fact that you take a dump on cheeseburgers may be an issue." Ioni
"The fact that you take a cheeseburger and take a shit is the same thing." Zuko
"But that's McDonalds." GM

"Didn't Autocthon have a crush on like Ophelia?  Or was that Lucy?"  Zuko
"He had a brotherly crush on Lucy and she betrayed him, and is partly responsible for his current sickness." GM
"Once again...  Brotherly... Crush..." Zuko

"Autocthon did not bang Lucy.  He is definitely a virgin." GM
"Incest is best." Ioni

"We're gonna wreck a death lord... We're gonna wreck a death lord..." Mnemia singing

"Crazy ridiculous stories are kind of what we're known for." Zuko

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