Monday, October 01, 2012

And after a long delay... It's not stupid! Have more dice!

Due to life, we had to take a brief break.  We're back now for a bit.
This is the first pass through of the quotes, there may be more added later.  So, stay tuned!

**Edit: Second pass through the quotes has been added to the end and not necessarily in chronological order...**

"I'd stab something, but I just don't have the will now" GM

"At the end of the season, there was a marriage proposal.  The next season there is no mention of it!" Kadon on an anime series
"That's how all marriage proposals go." Ioni

"Someone is blasting Stayin' Alive while riding a Harley Davidson.  I'm not sure why, but this amuses me." Ioni
"You got something against Queen?" Kadon
"Uh.. that's not Queen."  Ioni
"Oh dammit... it's by...." Kadon trying to think of the band name.
"It's okay, you're old." Ioni

"It could have been distributed on napkins it's that quality." Kadon

"What the fuck was that?!" GM
"Did your librarian die?" Mnemia

"You guys are still fighting over the squirrel girls?" GM
"Yes, he just doesn't know he's lost yet." Kadon about Zuko

"No no no, next time they get lost in the Underworld, they are finding their own way back!" Kadon on Mnemia's kids.
"Mnemia doesn't work that way." Ioni

"Why don't we just pull the Shrek thing.  Shove them into a tower, guarded by something they can't beat, put it over a volcano...  They can learn through books!" Ioni on the kids
"I don't think you are helping." Mnemia
"I was supposed to help?" Ioni
"I hope so!" Mnemia
"Mnemia, go hug your kids." Ioni

"So you know the students who are cheating on all their tests." GM
"Are they doing it cleverly." Kadon
"Some are.  Some aren't."  GM
"Good.  Those who are..... Those who aren't - detention!" Kadon

"Did he say fuck you all?  Cuz if he did I might be more interested." Mnemia
"Are you asking if Kadon said fuck you all, or Dumbledor?" GM
"Dumbledor!" Mnemia

"This dude is getting tracked down, and I may offer him a job." Kadon
"Or murder him." Mnemia
"I vote with Mnemia's idea!" Zuko

"Well then, I'm not going to write any" Zuko on the notes
"Was that the sound of Zuko 'yeah well if I write any then they will know I am gonna murder them'" GM
"I said nothing.  I don't know where you're getting this stuff from." Zuko
"The fact that you and Mnemia are jonesing to punch someone in the face." GM
"While I as a player am seeking to stab someone, Mnemia is a bit more subdued." Mnemia

"That sounds like a solid excuse, yeah sure, put be down for one of those" Zuko

"And for using logic!  I'll give you a stunt die." GM to Ioni
"It's NOT STUPID!  Have more dice!" Mnemia

"When you have larcenied a baby out of a primordial, really what else is there left to do?" Zuko

"Okay, well I look forward to murdering him!" Zuko

"It forms a giant middle finger up at the sky... or... 'you're next'" Zuko

"I'm down with the whole note thing... what did it say?  Come see us cuz fuck you?" Zuko

"Cuz if this person has any essence, they can do what we can do and they will know we are full of shit." Zuko

"What will this organization do" Zuko
"Whatever the fuck I want them to!" Kadon

"Without turning on the lights... I'm gonna say... yes?" Zuko
"Oh.. Really?  I  wasn't expecting that.  Honestly I expected many things from Zuko.  Casual polite conversation was not one of them." GM

"Zuko will pause, turn and walk up the wall.  'And what is it?'" Zuko
"God you're fucking random!" Kadon
"It's how Zuko paces!" Zuko

"I seem to recall you're not the educated one of your group. Zuko
"And that's a good way to secure my help!" Zuko

*snuff... snuff... snuff... snuff.*
"What is going on!?" Ioni
"The cat is having seizures. .... Dude... Your cat has rhythm!" Zuko
"If that's what you want to call it." Mnemia

"And one day, we take out Mnemia's war strider and write Nessa will you marry me.  And Kadon is like, you assholes." Zuko

"Wait, Kadon was funny?  What did I miss." Zuko

"Do we already know where we can find Gavin?" Kadon
"Balls deep in a drainage ditch?" Zuko

"They are perfectly capable of dreaming.  I just dictate what their dreams are!" Kadon
"Most of the dreams are of Librarians." Zuko
"They frolic." Zuko
"Gaah!" GM

"To be clear, inseminating squirrel girls is not considered helping out in a genetics lab." Kadon
"Hey you assist in the way you like, I will assist in the way I like." Zuko
"Did I get that on tape?" Kadon
"What, the line?  Or the insemination?" GM
"You're gonna have to pay a lot more to get the insemination on tape." Zuko

"How much of an amateur porn network is there in Nexus?" Zuko
"I don't know but Ioni will be building a better one." Ioni
"See, you guys got your camera angles all wrong, and the lighting!...  and the blocking...  Here, just give me that and I'll show you how this is done." GM
"Really GM?" Ioni
"Which she has said to a lot of the Girls while she has been training them into whores." Zuko

"What!  Every Thursday night is group orgy night!  There's a reason we have it, women!" Ioni
"Wow..."  GM
"Yea, I got no words whatsoever.  I applaud....." Kadon

"This is the concern of raidint eh fridge afterwards and not having much of a fridge to raid..." GM
"What!?" Zuko
"Apparently after GM get laid he likes to eat!" Ioni
"Yeah, GM, fucking isn't.........." Zuko
"It's possible you're smoking the wrong thing afterwards.." Kadon

"No  making yourself a room in the men's dormitory!" Zuko
"It's not the men's dormitory anymore!  It's my base of operations!" Ioni

"Make no mistake about it, there is a Department at the College of which Ioni is an honorary chair." Kadon
"Wait! When did that happen?" Ioni
"Around the time you became a titanic whore!" Zuko
"When did that happen?!" Ioni
"2 weeks before you joined the game!" Zuko

"You exalt and the first thing you think is 'how can this benefit me in bed?'" GM
"Well sometimes you just need that little extra push to be more limber.... I don't know where I was going with that one." Ioni

"Who gave us the universal fuck adapter." Zuko

"How about I roll perception... fuck." Zuko

"You have something you take pride in... specifically." GM
"Eyes up here, Lady." Zuko
"Don't you mean down if you're on the ceiling?" Ioni
"It's Mercury, not Venus." Kadon
"Hey, Ladies can't resist it." Zuko

"They have come through and are waiting for a recharge." GM
"Well why didn't they go through her back door?" Zuko

"We've heard the phrase but you're not actually supposed to break it off inside her, Gavin." Kadon
"Oh wait, Kadon was funny, what I miss." Zuko
"Believe me, Herald would bring his entire platoon if Gavin got his ..... stuck in something." GM

"It's stuck in a window this time?" Zuko
"An especially narrow lamp post." Kadon

"What are you doing to my mailbox?  Well, it's my girl friend... you see.... and well... er..." Zuko
"I saw a news article last week about a dude somewhere who got busted for fucking a couch." Kadon
"How... how.... Okay, I only wanna know how you get arrested for that cuz I'm pretty sure that's privacy of your own home." GM
"Except it had been put out to curb to be thrown away." Kadon
"Okay, hold up!  The first thing GM thinks is wait that's legal isn't it?"  Kadon
"Shit I don't even have a couch so NYAH!" GM
"GM, if someone threw out a couch on the curb near you.." Zuko
"Would you take it home before using it?" Ioni
"Well that would ruin the spontaneity of it!" Zuko

"Back in my day I could fuck 20 couches a week!" Zuko
"I have a street corner/hooker Sofa image in my head there that was really disturbing!" Kadon
"Well, I'm just wondering, everyone's like why would you fuck a couch and GM is like the logistics of this are just too difficult to work out." Zuko

"Nelumbo got the clap from Chiaroscuro and now she wants to kill it with fire." Zuko

"Why are you lot guarding thsi gate, and why are you relieved to see me." Kadon
"First time for everything." Zuko

"He will produce his log for the day." GM
"So, what's on his log?" Ioni
"What does Kadon discover on his dog." Zuko
"Has anyone scratched the surface too hard while writing in their names?" Ioni
"Aww, now you made it dirty, Ioni." Zuko
"Go the fuck back to Yu-shan, we're trying to work here." Kadon

"My roommates not wearing pants anymore, okay." Ioni
"Information.. don't need." GM

"Before she was a sculpted and deadly looking athlete, and now she looks a little emancipated." GM
"Emaciated." Kadon
"Emancipated is the opposite of what she is now." Mnemia

"Zuko - the last time you saw her it helps that she had interesting things for you to say, and that she never wore clothes." GM


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Always great to see Miyazaki... except I have no idea how it relates to what you posted...

Phyre Flower said...

I probably should have noted that Ioni and the GM had their own version of "SQUEEE" in discussing them.