Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mnemia's purpose is to punch people. More punchy!

"Did you crush people with your robo-vag?" Zuko

"I have nothing to do in Chiaroscuro, but Mnemia will stay around to punch people." Mnemia

"Anyone else have an idea?  We could just give them to Mercury.  She likes orphans!" Zuko

"I would assume it would be with my mind because it does control my body." Ioni
"All evidence to the contrary..." Kadon

"Stop attempting to milk my wife, it's quite rude." Zuko
"She seems to like it." Mnemia

"With Bob Ross... Here's a happy penis, let's treat it just right." Zuko

"So should I light this up?  Put it in a brownie?" Mnemia on finding the evil Mushroom

"Does Scarlet... I forget...  have a pig form so she can hunt for truffles?" Zuko

"Probably not the weirdest form I've fucked her in.." Zuko

"We are discussing using genesis to create Xenomorphs." Kadon
Ioni then uses the google... "Xenomorph fan fic is.... well... rmm... euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuw..."
Link one.
Link two.

"Awww, my recording things full..." Ioni
"Either that or it gave up on the whole internet fucking thing." Mnemia
"It's like I no longer have the will to liiiive!" GM

"Somehow our thief followed us here.  Am I sleep stealing again!? Just in case we aren't clear here we're killing it." Zuko
"What did they do to you?" GM
"I'm pretty sure this counts as screwing with us and that makes us cranky." Mnemia

"I don't fucking know what to do with this kid.  I basically just haul it around."  Mnemia
"Basically put a leash on it drag it along behind you." GM

"Around this time, Scarlet is like, LOOK!  I can turn into a pig! OINK!" Kadon

"I am not going to kill anyone!" Zuko
"We've had accidental death's before!" Mnemia
"I don't know what you're talking about." Zuko

"This would be so much easier if you go to sleep... go to sleep.... shhh." Zuko
"There are some days where I question if you guys are the good guys." GM

"Remind me, what can you see with your essence sight, Kadon?" GM
"Yes." Kadon

"So the trick at work is to wet yourself, so when people ask "What are you doing!?" you can say, must work... can't stop.... That's how you get vacation days." Zuko

"Eventually she comes back in new pig form to hunt truffles across the city." GM

"There is something mesmerizing about that." GM

"Once Kadon starts searching, the rest of us don't have to roll." Mnemia

"I still only get one.  Sorry guys, Ioni is a one trick pony.  It's apparently the donkey show and that's it!" Ioni
"C'mon, you're turned more tricks than that." Kadon
"I was gonna say, we just learned something about Ioni we didn't need to know!" GM

"Whoever was living here was investigating whatever interests Ioni's family had a shipping company down here for." GM
"Yeah well... I signed an NDA on that, I don't get to tell anyone." Ioni
"It's not often I hear that one thrown back at me." GM

"You get the impression that whoever called this place home pretty much never left it" GM
"Is there penis wear on everything?  IE has Gavin been living here?" Ioni

"There's multiple Gavin's from what I understand.  Chiaroscuro could be cheating on Gavin with Gavin!" Ioni
"Or Gavin could be cheating on Chiaroscuro with Gavin." Zuko
"Is that Gay or just Masturbation?" Kadon
"Just masturbation." Ioni and Zuko together.
"That was a little too creepily answered by both of you." Kadon
"We've had this conversation." Ioni
"Oh wouldn't you fuck you if you met you? C'mon!" Zuko
"No... I really wouldn't." Kadon
*"Homophobe..." Zuko*
"Yeah the answer is no." GM

"You're guessing a 'he'." GM
"Left the toilet seat up." Kadon
"Didn't clean the shower?" Ioni

"Do a composite sketch.  Does it look like the Unibomber?" Kadon
"Are they wearing a hoodie?" Ioni

"It would help if you put up big signs that say 'Exalts fuck free!'" Zuko
"No, because that would upset Scarlet." Ioni
"Wait what!?" GM
"I am the one person in the party who won't be fucking around!" Zuko
"He does have a point, Kadon has someone but he's never seen her." GM
"No, I've seen her, I just can't remember." Kadon
"Mnemia and Zis, I don't really thing it's cheating, I think it's tag teaming." GM
"When I sleep with the squirrel harem that's team building, not cheating." Zuko

"I'm pretty sure that makes it gay." Kadon
"It's not gay if it's not you." Zuko
"And it's not you!" Kadon

"So when Scarlet chased down that pig, she could have just fucked it?" Mnemia
"Don't know if that charm works on non-humans...  Also, it's turning down the chance to eat bacon... c'mon!" GM

"Yeah, she has to go find a snake now so she can unhinge her jaw, so as a squirrel she can eat the pig whole." GM
"Yea, that's why... That's totally why." Zuko
"That's what I was thinking!  What were' you thinking?.... Oh that's disgusting!" GM
"Seriously GM? We need to get you laid so bad." Zuko

"Probably a something -blood." Kadon
"Could be a crip... you don't know!" Zuko
"What?  Oh yes, how droll." Kadon
"Hey, they can't all be zingers you fuck head." Zuko

"I think GM's poopin'." Zuko
"Are you gonna call him?" Ioni
"Call him and find out." Mnemia
"What if he answers?" Ioni
"Then it means he really cares about his coworkers and ordering them dinner from Cheeseburger in Paradise." Zuko

"I had you on speaker so I may have missed it.  Were you thinking of calling me to see if I was on the toilet?" GM
"Don't know what you're talking about.  Pervert.... Thinking we'd talk to you while you're pooping." Zuko
"Why would anyone call anybody while they are on the toilet pooping?" Ioni
"Cuz they didn't know." GM
"Cuz they are hungry and want dinner." Zuko

"The relationship rules have not been clearly defined but they do have joint activities involving 3rd parties.  Mnemia is not terribly interested in whoring it up at the moment, but if Zis is bored and this keeps her out of trouble, that's fine." Zuko

"Has Mnemia taken an active role in the search?" Mnemia
"Early on, you did until you got yourself a pig." GM
"Hey, that's my wife." Zuko
"And it's a pig!" Mnemia

"Didn't we think she was dead at the time?" Kadon
"Technically." GM
"Then that puts him back on the market!" Kadon

"She kind of raises her eye brow at this being stress relief." GM on Ioni's brothel rebranding
"Is Gavin really that bad in bed!?" Ioni
"If she doesn't believe that then some one is doing something wrong." Kadon

"Just as a normal number, not people." GM
"So they have three holes." Zuko

"Ioni's not going to take it completely personal, she doesn't cause harm.  It's Zuko and Mnemia who cause harm." Ioni
"That's not wrong." Mnemia

"She says you were looking for skilled employees." GM
"Take her for a test drive!" Kadon loudly

"About this time, Scarlet is like Look! I can turn into a pig! Oink!" Kadon
"Look, I can turn into Bacon! I'm tasty!" GM

"Trust me here." Kadon
"No! You cause too much trouble! No trust!" Ioni
"Kadon, too much brain.. give me a sec." Zuko
"Non-sense, suffice to say." Kadon
"Good God Man." Zuko
"The individual..." Kadon
"You don't have to explain everything to everyone!" Ioni
"She asked for an explanation! Shutup!" Kadon
"That doesn't mean Mr. Professor has to come out with his big thick Encyclopedia and say guess what, here's how it started, here's how its going and this is our possible paths." Ioni
"There is a man he was living in the Green house." Kadon
"Using a charm to.." Kadon
"You're in whore island, shut up!" Zuko
"infect sickness upon one of our allies.  we intend to hunt him down and ask him why.  Succinct enough for you, Zuko?" Kadon

"You were the one who said it!  That's why I carefully avoided the statement." Kadon
"I smell bacon." Ioni
"Scarlet gets turned on by conflict." Zuko

"See Kadon, the other reason to have Zuko talk is people don't know he's lying.  My point being I'm dumb enough that if she's detecting lies I'm less likely to lie by hiding information because I don't understand anything." Zuko

"Quick they can detect lies, SEND IN ZUKO!" Ioni
"It's a lot of flowerbirds!  Well... he's not lying." Zuko
"Well he's really confused.  About what?  We're not sure." Ioni

"Simple piece of advice, next time shave first." Kadon
"Wow." GM
"Kadon knows all about shaving." Zuko
"Friction.  It's an issue." Kadon
"I wasn't even thinking friction.  I was thinking she saw something grabbed hold and yanked.  It's Zis." Ioni
"Wo...oooow...." Kadon
"Wow that's just .... ehhh Zis...  There's a reason Mnemia has such a high soak value." GM

"Kadon does not sit without reason!" Ioni

"Yeah well if his four armed ass could get off his game station, it'd be really helpful." Zuko
"Not sure if I'd put it to him in those exact words." GM
"Which is why I can say it because I know he's not paying attention." Zuko

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