Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just ironing the silver-ware.

"Yeah it heard GM rev up for a long explanation and it said 'nope... not gonna put up with this'."  Mnemia

"I understand the words coming out of your mouths.  I just don't agree with them." Mnemia

"I strongly disagree with that statement on its face!" Kadon

"The more artefacts that have 'suck it' in their description, I approve of."  Zuko

"Visions of air dropping war striders with dragon bloods and GM just going 'oh god...'" Kadon

"We should avoid doing that cuz it's dumb!" Kadon

"Put your pants back on, Ioni!" GM
"My pants are on.  They are fuzzy.  Why would I take my pants off while you guys are yammering?" Ioni

"It's akin to me showing up in your house one night, shaking you awake and asking why the mayonnaise has gone bad." GM
"Cuz we don't use mayonnaise much." Ioni

"I think if you could pick all the nuclear fall out as an option, we would use it a whole lot more." Zuko

"Nice?"  GM
"Nice for Mnemia.  She's not killing her kids with peony blossom is she?" Ioni

"If he's willing to lighten the 100 year old requirement for Essence 6, you'll sit in his lap!" Zuko

"Ioni will be all fo rhtis, pull out the nail polish and wine.  Bitch Session!  Not sure why there has to be nail polish."  Ioni
"I will go cry in a corner." Zuko

"On another note, I have no fucking clue what this lunar stone should do." Kadon
"Fuck puppies." Ioni

"Zuko's pants came off!" Zuko
"Zuko, put your pants back on." Ioni
"Don't know what you're talking about.  I'm stealthed." Zuko

"Zuko would be more than happy to smack [the Sidereals] silly.  Even Mnemia would be happy to smack them silly."  Ioni
"Psst... Mnemia stabs, she doesn't smack." Zuko
"I know!" Ioni

"I forget, did we ever tell Lytek about bagels?" Zuko

"If I wyldshape pregnant women and bring them into Creation, will their babies have souls."  Kadon

"By and large, she had a penis."  GM

""The two of you were murder bro's." GM

"We'll owe that guy a drink when he arrives." Zuko
"Will it or will it not kill him." GM
"To be determined." Ioni

"Please stay on the line, your cataclysm is important to us.  There are FIVE beings of immesurable power before you." Zuko

"Stop telling us what we already know.  Stop." Mnemia

"Safeguarded against Solars.  Keep distance." GM

/find demiurge.cpp -r
Error 404 - Demiurge not found."  Zuko
"Http://" Kadon
"Ping Cuz the UCS is in 'MURICA!" Zuko

"Format://DesignWeaver*.*" Zuko

"As soon as I get out of the eye pod here." Kadon
"Awww, that makes Zuko sad.  Bad, bad Kadon" Zuko
"Terrible pun, I know." Kadon
"Apparently I don't get it." GM

*Kadon makes a failed gobble noise.*
"You raped my ears." Ioni
"I didn't mean to?  Maybe it was legitimate." Kadon

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