Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why is Kadon so wordy!?

Hey All,

The quotes are going a little slow this week.  Mostly cuz I discovered the obscure mixture of work and kickboxing that causes insane lethargy.

In other news, everyone should watch/support the amazing awesome sauce that is Gamers 3: Hands of Fate.  It's produced by a local Seattle group, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, who also happened to throw a con... why?  Cuz why the hell not!

These guys have made:
Gamers II: The Dorkness Rising
Journey Quest 

And other shows easily watched on the youtubes.



"Why is your room mate busy?" GM
"Because he is getting naked and doing his naked dance." Ioni
"Okay, I did not need to have that information." GM

"We were at a con.  You have to do the ritualistic con-detox afterwards." Ioni

"I hung out with the Gamers people.  Got drunk with the Gamers people...  Saw titties with the Gamers people..." Zuko

"And ioni pulls out her dice and I was like, oh this will not end well." Zuko

"Scot C. Brown, the guy who plays Leo is the only one of the group of them to actually go through the full drinking game rules as written.  I asked the guy who plays Gary, and he's like 'Oh gods no!! Scott's the only one who got to do that because he's a raging alcoholic.'  When I told Scott that I only got through the first 20 minutes, he put his hand on my shoulder and said 'then you must train harder.'"  Zuko

"You're incomprehensible." Kadon
"Your mom's incomprehensible." Zuko

"All I had was one glass of something, a shot of something and a sip of something else." GM on 'Going out Drinking'
"You and I have very different definitions of drinking.  And mine is kind of light." Ioni

"I heard tequila, something and 151..." GM
"Alright, that's it!  Fuck Skype!" Zuko

"Last time Zuko made Mercury cry." GM
"And he felt good about it." Ioni
"To be fair, she is a girl." Kadon

"Ioni, cuz she is a hotline straight to the Unconquered Sun.  Mnemia cuz her past incarnation used your own children as manse parts..." GM
"I think at one point Mnemia thinks that's all kids are good for as well." Mnemia
"Considering you have the little creepy children who we really should just kill for manse parts." Ioni

"The difference being Raxin  Hsen didn't have to carry his spare parts for a year." Mnemia

"As for Kadon.. well.." GM
"It's not [Kadon IRL] so much as Kaodn... Errr... Karum.. GOD DAMMIT you're both the same in my head!" Ioni

"Assuming she never gets mad at anyone, and never does something she would regret.  You're right, we are perfectly safe so long as the Incarnae act in a completely rational and proper behavior." Zuko
"To be fair, they pretty much largely have." Kadon
"Until they get addicted to the Game!" Zuko

"And then completely bypassing that question and asking what happened to our friend that's not really there anymore but went off on someplace else." Ioni
"Ok.  Time out... just really quick.  So I take it, I had the conversation with Kadon and Mnemia about this.  While we were gone, did Ioni just get really fucking high or take a lot of blows to the head?" Zuko
"It is Nexus.  I think the last time you left her alone in Nexus she got high and drugged on Bright morning."  GM
"I did?" Ioni
"Yeah, you were seeing things for a while." GM
"Those were perfectly legitimate things!" Ioni

"What ever happened to Aboshi?" Ioni
"Seriously?" Zuko
"Cuz someone told me she is being detained in Malfeas against her will." Ioni
"Who.!" Zuko
"A mutual friend?" Ioni
"Whoooo.!" Zuko
"A powerful mutual friend?" Ioni
"Whoooo...?" Zuko
"Oh he just works at an Embassy, don't worry about it." Ioni
"I see."  Kadon catches on.
"How did you get this information?" Zuko
"It's amazing what happens when you talk to people and go out for a cup of tea!" Ioni
"Right." Zuko
"I stepped away to reheat burritos.  What did she say?" Mnemia cuts in sharply
"I don't know why that was funny, but a mental image of Mnemia rolling back in the room with a fuckin' burrito." Kadon

"No no no no!  See, you set up some whores and that's good.  I don't think you've gotten any into Malfeas yet." Zuko
"No, I didn't." Ioni.
"So where does this info come from?" Zuko

"I'm pretty sure we do, cuz Ioni's not smart enough to know who Virumipra is." Zuko

"One issue on that..." Ioni
"Oh?" Kadon
"She may be with a little royalty. And her party may have wigged out." Ioni

"They may be in a bit of hot water due to companions not behaving like companions anymore." Ioni
"Three more euphemisms and I am punching something.  Just Sayin'!  Mnemia, get the sword out!" Zuko

"Shouldn't be more than a few minutes." Kadon
"What.!?" Zuko
"Recovering them." Kadon
"How...." Zuko
"Magic!" Kadon

"Well the problem with that is if her party member Judy Dench is acting up, maybe she doesn't want that person to come back with her, but that person still needs to be pulled out due to well, royalty having their way with them." Ioni
"Yes...." Kadon
"WHAT?!"  Zuko

"And the queen bitch!" Zuko
"No, wrong royalty." Ioni
"Then which fucking royalty are we talking about!?" Zuko
"Uh slightly lower tier, the spawn of Queen?" Ioni
"Oh lovely." Kadon
"The worst fucking idea ever!" Zuko
"We are talking about Green Princes, right?" Ioni

"GM!  You're fuckin' fired for sending the information through this!  Like, fuck you sir!" Zuko on Ioni
"Yeah, uh, Ioni doesn't get to talk to people alone anymore." Kadon

"Look, I don't want to be the dick here, but you're getting the information from there.  Kind of confused how.  You can't summon anything!" Zuko
"I didn't summon anything?  I just had tea!  Again! you miss the purpose of tea!" Ioni

"It's time for a little Malfeus Interuptus." Kadon
"Yeah, let's fuckin' do it.... Oh Jesus." Zuko

"So what do you do." GM
"Obviously keep away from Zuko so he doesn't hit me." Ioni
"Don't think distance matters." GM
"Well it makes Ioni feel better!" Ioni
"Are you within a mile..." Zuko

"You can't tell if I'm speaking Rat or Squirrel.  The languages are similar!" Zuko

"So J'paffing every single one of you people." Zuko

"Out of curiosity... what do you tell them?" GM
"Sup..." Zuko

"Personally, I'm down with the cover story : Kadon's about to do something incredibly stupid.  So really no matter what happens that should cover us." Zuko
"By us, you mean you, Mnemia and maybe Ioni." GM

"Your room mate really fucked you up and not in a good way." Ioni
"Little barf machines decided 'hey, his stuff doesn't belong ot her, that's perfectly ok to throw up on!!'" GM
"So pets will punish you if you are a dick to them." Mnemia
"I was never a dick.... I only threw something at one of them once.  I was like fuck it!  You can't do anything worse to me than you already are.." GM
"Your just inability to learn is just... mind boggling sir... Believe me, there is just noe end to what cats can do that will ruin your life." Zuko

"So if anything goes wrong, we can blame it on a training exercise." Zuko

"Kadon is a training exercise." Zuko
"Especially for my new employees." Ioni
"Apparently I have been having fun and missing it again!" Kadon
"They haven't been using ribbons to keep track either." Ioni

"Y'know, College Co-eds can be forgetful" Ioni
"Too busy putting themselves through college." Kadon
"So don't be surprised if you start seeing yourself in the next generation." Ioni
"NO!" Zuko

"Last thing we need is a bunch of Kadon half cast running around." Zuko

"Look, one way or another, I am going to see myself in the next generation.  It's just going to take some time." Kadon
"And it may also be your daughter." Ioni
"No.  The great thing about a photographic memory is its easy to keep track of!" Kadon
"What if you never see her." Ioni
"Then... fuck!  I need to invent a charm I think." Kadon
"Unfortunately essence sight doesn't do that for ya!  It's not Maury Pauvich sight!" Zuko

"Infallible not fuck my daughters." Kadon
"Incest mendicant spirit."  Zuko

"So Zuko and Kadon come up with goofy names for charms that could avoid incest....  GM goes 'better ways around it!' "Zuko
"It's my job!" GM
"How can I allow for daddy banging!" Zuko

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