Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No peeing on shit.

"So how badly did you hurt your self?" GM
"Well, there may be extra protein with the fish, like I said."  Ioni
"Alrighty then." GM
"No, I did not hurt myself.  I am better with a knife than that."  Ioni
"Okay.....  For cooking right?"  GM
"... Suuure?"  Ioni

"So I discovered something called death battles today... or friday I guess now..."  GM
"Was this at your BDSM club?"  Ioni
"No." GM

"By the way, Ioni, if it was a date.  I would not have given you guys the option to say no.  And Zuko, fuck you."  GM

"... and that was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back and they just blew up."  GM
"Way to go, GM, you broke them apart."  Zuko
"I was a cylon, I was only trying to kill them!" GM

"This will make Ioni more of a whore..." Zuko
"Woooo!" Ioni
"Sorry about that, what did I miss?"  GM
"Well we were going to remove the remove intimacies power and instead have the alchemical post fucking power."  Zuko
"Post... fucking... power?" GM
"Not literally post fucking.. the after fucking ability." Kadon
"I understand the grammar involved."  GM

"Just want to point out, someone should stop Mnemia from coming to whatever conlusion she's going to at this point."  Mnemia on a triple botch.
"What the fuck dude!" Zuko
"I'm helping."  Mnemia
"Wooooooow.  That's impressive."  Kadon

"I'm going to point out that Monkey Butler only wanted one of these people, of these flying monkey things."  Zuko
"To put his penis in.  I assume that's what you were alluding to." GM
"Right. If we could keep one of them around, I"m sure he'd appreciate it." Zuko
"Well I'm sure we could find him soemthing to fuck, it shouldn't be too hard."  Mnemia
"As I believe you yourself noted, I could just make some."  Kadon
"They'd probably be hotter too."  Mnemia
"The fact that we are contemplating hot monkies, is.."  Kadon
"What's this 'we' shit?  I'm over here trying to run a game."  GM
"Hot vicious monkey sex."  Zuko

"You're basking in your awesomeness."  GM
"Thought about it." Mnemia
"Got afterglow!" Ioni

"Zuko, you think she is a sucky ass guardian.  You would hope to god that if she was guarding your manse, you'd know already about solars wandering through it who are totemic.  Mnemia, you think she's off to call the guards.  Ioni, she is definitly out of it.  This animated intelligence you are dealing with, Ioni you would perhaps put it up to her being drunk, intoxicated or taken a blow to the head.  Kadon, you get a slower thought, if she's part of the manse, she should not be so flakey.[...]"  GM
"Awesome, well she's drunk." Ioni
"Mnemia is going to take off."  Mnemia
"Ioni's going to hole Mnemia's progress and say 'its okay its okay, she's drunk.'"  Ioni
"It's okay, it's okay, it's cool she's drunk.  This is from Ioni?  I don't think Mnemia waits for Ioni's explanation."  Mnemia
"I don't think Ioni can hold Mnemia back.  She's going along with that train as long as that train is going."  GM
"Most likely."  Ioni

"She's going down the summoning circle and killing everything."  Mnemia
"With Ioni cliiiinging to her shoulder."  Ioni
"Go ahead and kill everything, that's cool."  Kadon

"Hehehhe"  Ioni after a skype download.
"It could fit comfortably.... why Mnemia, why.  I don't even know if I want to click the button."  GM
"Hahahah." Kadon
"Am I going to be offended by this?[..]  Wow that took you like no time, dude."  Zuko
"[......]  What the hell.... There's something wrong with you, dude."  GM

"You say that with a little too much authority, GM.  Next time, try to convince us you don't fap to hentai."  Kadon
"Yeah GM."  Mnemia
"Cuz we certainly know that Kadon has never looked at hentai"  Zuko
"Obviously not.  I know nothing about anthropomorphic pollen."  Kadon
"That series is funny."  GM
"It really is."  Kadon
"The premis is... what?  the pollen is what?"  GM
"And its just... well, it's the pollen again."  Zuko
"Pollen is not that big!" GM
"The phrase I hate allergy season has never run less true."  Kadon
"Well for some of that, allergy season has a bit of an upside to it."  Zuko
"Unless you're a girl and straight... unless you're a guy."  GM
"Clearly we.."  Kadon
"We need to pull this conversation over..."  GM

"And just... to put my mind at ease.  Mnemia, please tell me you had to google for that image and you didn't have it on hand and ready to go..."  GM
"What do you mean?  That's July!" Zuko
"It's a preview GM! It's free!" Mnemia
"You're all horrible people." GM

"I was hoping he was like, lets find something on the internet and add myself to the FBI database now and not that I've had this on hand and now is the perfect time to use it."  GM

"She inquires weather or not you know she's bait for a trap, right?"  GM
"Yeah, we don't really care."  Zuko

"Are you fapping or talking to GM?" Zuko to Kadon
"I'm pressing buttons on my keyboard."  Kadon
"Note, he didn't rule both of them out."  Zuko
"I am navigating my space ships... shush."  Kadon

"So, I always carry a pair of jumper cables for Mnemia's war strider.." Kadon

"Basically you want [Ioni] to grab onto two poles and have the electricity go through her instead?" GM
"Yup!" Mnemia and Zuko
"Oh my gosh.  Kadon, roll me a smart person roll... for manse." GM resignedly.
"I offered to engineer a solution here earlier but no one wanted it."  Kadon
"I think they want to electrocute Ioni to see if they can get the stupid out."  Ioni

"You're going to have to lay down on this thing, so its going to be tingly for a little while."  GM
"Kinky?"  Ioni
"Wrong kind of tingle."  GM
"And all the vibrators in her pack go off all at once."  Mnemia
"Dammit, you guys weren't supposed to know about that."  Ioni
"And all the vibrators reach super speed.  They cannot take that much power captain!"  Zuko
"I just took a drink!  Don't do that!" GM
"How many times can Ioni cum while we lift this weight?"  Mnemia
"If she's into this kind of shit, ZIS is going to be jealous.  ZIS'd probably be all over this thing."  Zuko

"For the record, while Kadon's down there, Zuko will be like, Mnemia, it would be funny if we just dropped this on him."  Zuko
"If you make me laugh, I actually will drop it."  Mnemia
"At which point, Ioni might buzz out a joke and say so about this one whore who walked into a bar."  Ioni
"Fortunately it doesn't take that long for Kadon to fly back on up."  GM
"I can teleport out of here and leave you fuckers if you want."  Kadon

"Question... I was thinking Zuko might pee on something so that whoever owns this household, comes back and discovers it and can smell really well, gets pissed off a little."  Ioni
"Do not taunt... the psychotic Elder Lunar." Kadon
"Cuz she's gonna totally be fine with us stealing Fox back."  Mnemia
"Look, there is doing things she will disagree with violently, and then there is just being a dick about it."  Kadon
"Now I'm scratching, Dear Roxy, go fuck yourself - Kadon Cind."  Zuko
"When did you learn to write?"  Kadon
"I write it in Old Realm.  Besides, Ioni, pissing on things please....  I would j'paff Roxy if she were here.  Pissing on things is so last century.  Now breaking her entire tower until its a giant cock..."  Zuko
"Start punching out entire floors up top until you get a nice rounded head?" Mnemia
"Yup." Zuko

"I was just thinking marking territory."  Ioni
"Yeah, cuz that's the way to get to a Lunars heart."  GM
"I don't know, it's animalistic..." Ioni
"My plan to get to the Lunars heart is through her fucking chest.. with my fist."  Zuko

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