Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kai and Ligier sittin' in a tree.... well crap.

"Do you commonly watch porn on Kai's bed?" Sora
"Watch porn, shoot porn, everything." Ariko
"My bed is very versatile." Kai
"I'm trying to figure out what makes your bed so special."  Sora
"Well mine has a girl that sleeps in it." Kai

"Guess what I got to do last weekend!" Ariko
"Travel across the country?" Sora
"I got to hug an Alcyone!" Ariko
"....yeah.." Alcyone
"You sound so thrilled, just the tone of voice." Sora
"Sorry." Kai to Alcyone on Ariko's constant desire for hugs.
"You should be! You had a year to train him out of that!" Alcyone
"I tried!  At least he has stopped randomly hugging me while I'm in the kitchen making food."  Kai
"Are you sure you two aren't married." Alcyone

"I don't have it up right now." Sora
"You miss Chopsticks that much?" Ariko

"And there's chicks in bikinis getting hit with tomatoes" Ariko on the Fall Tomato throwing festival.
"Now you're talking." GM

"You know Old Realm?  Since when!?  You have an Int of 1!" Ariko
"Well, I wanted to write something in Old Realm so I learned." Kai
"You guys live at a school!" GM
"Aaaaand I botched." Kai after her roll

"Kai, you hear the hierarchy list and you could swear Alcyone is on the list." GM
"Kai will look very shocked, and stare at Alcyone. 'You are so powerful!' And Kai will bow and scrape the ground." Kai
"Alcyone will not stop this.  She has no idea what is going on, but she won't object." Alcyone
"Yes Kai is broken again." Sora

"Kai is firmly believing this will work because she knows Alcyone is in the hierarchy down here." Kai
"Are you sure she botched?" Alcyone

"Guys, we got a problem.  Kai's kinda compassionate." Kai
"Gonna freak out about the guys on the hooks?" Sora
"YEP!" Kai

"I'm actually okay with Kai dying.  It gives me room to make even more crazy.  Kai is a test run." Kai
"Oh that's comforting." Sora

"So what's our signal?" Sora
"Oh shit?" Kai
"Urusai, or no baka." Ariko

"The artifact is in the center." GM
"And that is our escape explosion.  Kai has this all planned out." Kai
"Huh?  Is anyone else confused?" Sora
"Kai is talking and you're listening." Alcyone
"Kai is a re-tard." Ariko

"Ariko, she has activated a charm." GM
"GET NAKED!" Alcyone

"And somewhere in Creation, Zuko is going - I sense a martial arts form, I want to know.  Dammit!" Kai
"No, Zuko goes, I sense some pussies using martial arts with swords.  Useless hacks!" Ariko

"I hear clicking of plotting against me." GM
"Alcyone knows mail boxes. I know explosives." Ariko
"Why don't you just hire him a hooker?" Kai
"Are you trying to bribed him?  Cuz we keep offering him you!" Ariko
"Kill him with syphilis. I don't have syphilis." Kai
"Well you're not trying hard enough." Ariko
"Wow..." GM

"I have a jet pack in my ass." Kai

"So, the artifact is in the middle." Kai
"Yes" GM
"How many more motes does it need to explode?" Kai
"Let's say 20."GM
"Would Kai know how to fill it?" Kai
"Kai... Giant bomb in the room where we are stuck in and its attached to the person we are trying to rescue!" Ariko

"OMG you're scroll of the monkey-ing it?  I'm the only one allowed to use that horrible book." Ariko

"Geeze, I need a cheat sheet." GM

"GM, I was wondering if I can drop a sheet of Adamant Glass on her." Ariko
"And hit Sora and Kai?" Alcyone
"They are vertical." GM
"I'm good at math!" Ariko

"You guys want me to do that really stupid thing?" Ariko
"YES!" Kai
"Someone I trust?" Ariko
"... stupid is okay at this point." Alcyone

"You said stupid's okay, right Alcyone?" Kai
"Yes, stupid's okay." Alcyone

"Ariko, as they pointed out, has an abacus built into her..." Ariko

"... But, what Ariko has just taken into account is the gravitational pull of Sora's chest, and that arrow is going down someplace she was not expecting to guard." Ariko
"2 Stunt dice." GM laughing
"That's a three dicer for the sheer audacity." Sora
"Three dice." GM laughing.

"8 successes on 6 dice!" Kai
"Why the fuck can't I get that on an attack!?" Ariko
"I flashed the dice generator." Kai
"That would work.  It was made by me." GM

"I built my specialty in performance so I can do two at the same time." Sora
"Sora can totally do DVDA!" Ariko

"10 successes to shot an arrow into the back of her head... wait, can I ping her ass instead cuz its funnier?" Ariko

"So she's attacking which means she can't see me?" Kai
"Why do you think we did this Kai!?" Ariko
"Cuz it's funny?" Kai

"Above and beyond the fact Kai dying would be sad, Kai dying would decrease my charm across the board." Alcyone

"No no, keep them in your shirt - even when I was a guy, mine were more impressive." Sora on the Infernal exposing her chest cavity.
"You can't even touch your current boobage and you're comparing boobage?" Kai
"Kai, not now!" Sora

"Just add the words and I'll be the head." Sora

"Can I recognize that?" Ariko
"Certainly, roll something plus occult." GM

"Over the course of 4 seconds, she probably touched herself, stopped touching herself, then touched herself again." Alcyone when Mac is revealed as Ligier.

"Kai fucked Ligier.." Ariko singing.
"Kai's confused." Kai
"Oh fuck, I gave it mouth to mouth!" Sora

"Kai steps into the circle and you see her slow down." GM
"Cuz there's a demon baby in her stomach." Alcyone

"Ariko's like 'shouldn't we.. okay lets move out'" Ariko

"Alcyone isn't going to say anything, but this group is steadily accumulating secrets." Alcyone

"Because we are having a discussion of who the Wyld Hunt want more is not cool!" Alcyone

"Under certain circumstances, a 3rd level demon can be brought into Creation." GM
"No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.  You are NOT summoning a fetiche Soul of Malfeas for a booty call!" Ariko
"Aw but I needed a date for the dance!" Kai
"I'm pretty sure Ligier coming to Creation will make even the Unconquered Sun sit up and say WTF!"  Ariko

"I think on eof us needs to attune it and use it." Alcyone
"I got the motes!" Kai
"Uhh, I am the one people trust." Ariko

"Do we have Hix?" Ariko
"No" GM
"Well we were told get the girlfriend, not Hix.  So technically we're good.  Who wants to explain it to Hix's mom?" Ariko

"Seriously now, what does Sora need to know about if she needs to kill this guy." Sora

"That was well done you ken." GM
"I'm not tied to the bed, this time, am I?" Sora
"Not unless you want to be?" GM

"+5 permanent essence for a deep dicking." Ariko
"I don't think all the essence stays in there." GM

"We really need to push Kai down some stairs.  I need to make an Adamant Coat Hanger." Ariko
"The womb rot may have dodge skills." GM

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