Sunday, July 08, 2012

We Four Girls of Dragonblood Are...

"And no, Kai.  In that case we lock the door and pretend we aren't home."  Sora
"Right, cuz Kai is the one we are ashamed of." Ariko
"The world is a better place when I can bring shame to others."  Kai

"As soon as he flicked the web, I could hear all the spiders say 'oh no he didn't!'" Sora
"Sora, why are the spiders in your mind all black?" Kai

"I know my personal trainer and his girlfriend are going dressed as the werewolf and vampire chick from underworld." Sora
"You could have said the people from underworld."  Ariko
"Does she have the ass to pull it off." Alcyone
"Yes.." Sora after much hemming and hawing.

"Sora wants to bang his personal trainer's girlfriend and it looks forward to the ass kicking from his personal trainer."  GM

"I don't want to download something that has Justin Bieber on the front page." Kai
"Then... don't." GM
"No! I've already downloaded this, Kai doesn't get to not be in on this." Ariko

*Kai delivering a beer to Ariko* "Who got pregnant?" Kai
"Sora is pregnant." Ariko
"Congratulations! What are you going to name it." Kai
"I don't think he's talking to me anymore." Kai
"I have my mouth full of rice, I'm not talking to anyone." Sora
"And do you know what puts rice in your mouth?" Ariko
"Chopsticks!" Kai

"Well, Kai's packing the travelocity gnome and a camera!" Kai
"You should totally take that gnome as a familiar." GM
"Can I get it for free?" Kai
"No, but you're working on it." GM

"Is it bad I imagined demons singing, 'swing low, sweet chariot.' as he mentioned working songs?" Ariko

"Sora is still in  culture shock staring at the city." Sora
"Kai will lean over and say to Sora.  Sora, show 'em your tits." Kai
"WHAT?" Alcyone

"On a boat of women, you go to the women and say that you are too pretty to look like a girl but the rest of you are okay." Alcyone when Sora attempts to talk the party out of dressing her up as a girl.

"Kai is off crying because you called her ugly." Kai
"No I didn't!" Sora
"What's your socialize?" Ariko
"One" Sora
"You called her ugly." Ariko

"Moderately stupid is okay.  Fucking stupid has to be stopped." Alcyone

"Okay Sora, we can get this for Sora for you." Kai Link
"Do I want to click that?" Sora
"Bout time that reflex showed up." Alcyone

*Kai unleashes another link *
"Is that..." Sora
"I'd hit it."  Ariko
"Oh that's just their heads!" Sora catching on.
"You didn't realize that at first?  It's a photoshop!" Ariko

"I'm Jeff." GM
"The god of Biscuits?" Ariko

"It is exceedingly difficult to fail to recognize and anathema." GM smugly.
*Kai rolls a double botch.* "What was it you were saying about exceedingly difficult to fail?" Kai
"We will get to Kai in a moment." GM
"Can we please not get to Kai." Alcyone

"Ariko is going to look at Kai and Sora and go, shit... please be dumb... please be dumb." Ariko

"Kai, that tattoo is awesome...  You think it would look hot on you." GM
"Kai will push to the front and say, oh my god, that looks AMAZING!  Your tattoo is awesome!" Kai
"Bancho-Fan on Kai!" Ariko

"Perv.  That's what Ariko is thinking.  The only reason someone would be interested in Sora is because she is wicked hot." Ariko

"Ask me about page 37 of that book." Ariko
"Book? What book?  I don't understand!" Kai
"Shutup Kai!" Ariko

"Regardless of this, Sora's of the mind that we are all going to get hurt." Sora
"But you like pain!" Kai

"There's nothing like girl on girl but nothing beats a good dicking."  Ariko
"Spoken like a true expert."  GM
"Or so I've been told..." Ariko
"Yeah too late." GM

"The cup is a font of vitriol!" GM
"Ohhhh.... Balllllllls...." Ariko

"Florivet spreads his wings and offers his hands to whichever of you wants to take it." GM
"WHEEE!!! FALCOR!!!" Ariko

"He's got a dogs head, eagles eyes, and wings of an owl." GM
"We got it.  He's a platypus." Ariko

"You're more retarded than Kai." Alcyone
"I at least studied harder." Sora
"That makes it sadder."  Alcyone

"So once again the universe is revolving around Sora.  You make a perfect girl - the universe revolves around you." Kai
"From now on, every time Sora botches, the universe revolves around Sora." Alcyone

"If you have an orifice, he has a tentacle that will fit the orifice."  Alcyone
"Wow..." GM

"We should light them on fire." Kai resorting to the sure fire methods.
"No, I don't think lighting them on fire at this point is a good idea." Alcyone

"Sora does dream of a lot of people kicking his ass." Kai
"Well he is into that." Ariko

"You're intentionally asking about Sora's masturbation habits.  I don't know why you think I'd find it odd." Alcyone
"Hey, it's not like I answered her out loud so you could all hear!" Sora.

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