Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The ducks are coming! The ducks are coming!

"How's life without the roomie?" Sora
"I can't answer that in text, too incriminating."  Kai
"Even the jokes are better left unsaid." Alcyone

"I may have done something too weird to be funny, while drunk last night." Kai
"Damn it, I knew I needed to renew my webcam subscription!" Sora
"About damn time you got cut off for not paying!  Where's the GM?" Kai
"Still watching the webcam archive?" Sora

"Are you worried about how to address the guy bound and gagged to the bed?" Sora
"No..." Kai
"Speaking from experience there?" GM

Kai then explains that she acquired a purse full of rubber duckie squirt toys from a party, took them home and put them in Ariko's bathroom. Kai got disgusted at the state of the bathroom, then cleaned it, and lined the duckies all up on the shower shelves.  On another note, Kai went to work the next morning and discovered the same rubber duckies all lined up on her car dash board, one with a wing stuffed into the air vent, one placed in the sun roof, one hidden in the head rest, etc.

"He likes to watch 2 men in a bathtub playing with their... ahem... rubber duckies." GM

"As a teen, I rented a video, don't remember what it was, but there was a voyeur rubber ducky that would follow them around and make these hilarious faces while the people were fucking." Alcyone Link

"Kai, you have evil google capabilities."  Sora
"It's cuz I have the safety searches turned off and I am not afraid to click a link."  Kai

"Oh, pedo bear." Kai
"That's not the sort of tone you should have." GM

"Oh god, I am watching... I can't turn away... It's like a deranged version of the muppets... Oh no... A hippo!  Oh, I am done here, there are things I can't unsee!" Sora

"Bag is closed, down beside me... I'm a good student.. I'm a good student."  Kai
"You keep telling yourself that." Alcyone

"Martial Artists don't need a weapon, your body is your weapon." Alcyone

"There is some serious Freudian shit going on and you're carrying a stick instead of a dick."  Alcyone
"Oh, now I don't want my stick!" Alcyone

"That's all it ever is for you.. Penis penis penis." Sora
"Just trying to give you what you want." GM

"Sora is lawful good." Sora
"Yes, unfortunately, but I will fix that don't worry!" Kai

"I've got a stick in my dorm room, you wanna go see my stick?"  GM as a boy to Sora

"They are all Lesbians... But they are not all butch lesbians!" GM

"Good one, GM, I've never had a fortune cookie go up my nose." Sora
"I got skillz." GM

"I don't know, roll perception-horny teenager." GM

"Dig that grave a little deeper." Sora
"If that's the way you like it!" Kai

"Kai's got her now, which could be problematic.  But the faster she gets used to Kai, the better." Alcyone

"Ariko's not here, so the die roller has chosen me to be it's bitch for the day." Sora

"You know that, but to Sora these are only a few weeks old.  They are fairly young." Sora on her boobs
"And firm.. and ripe." GM

"Knowing what the stick represents you're going to poke him with a stick.." Alcyone
"Thank you peanut gallery!" Sora

""I'm going to brandish my stick at him, and poke him in the nose." Sora
"You're going to jpaff him!" Alcyone

"Sora will run up there all willy nilly, not thinking things through because there is just that one brain cell... And Sora, Kai may need to borrow your penis." Kai
"I'm sorry what?" Sora
"Oh, your stick." Kai

"I'm so not used to these things getting in the way." Sora on her boobs again.
"You're blaming your boobs." Kai
"Are you blaming your TITS?" Alcyone

"I was just at my job calculating stuff and I found out last month I had 20% adult material.." Kai

"So, incidentally the delivery girl was very attractive" The GM after he had to answer his door for dinner
"Did we embarass you?" Kai
"Well, I stepped out and closed my door." GM
"So what we need is a remote volume control and say loudly, GM invite her in for a 3some." Kai

"You're hitting him with a stick, you're giving him an STD and you could have made it harder." Alcyone when Sora's stick does poison damage.

"Oh he's got friends, do I have my daiklaive on me?" Kai
"Ha! You're at school, you probably don't have your daiklaive." Alcyone
"On the one hand that's true on the other... KAI!" GM

"Are they exalted?" Kai
"Yes" GM
"Do they have my last name?" Kai
"No." GM
"Then I can murder them." Kai
"That's not how this works, Kai." GM

"His two friends go 'awwww shit... can we talk this out?'" GM
"And you speak in the 3rd person.  You're insane." Alcyone

"Okay, so Exalts glow... Do any bits of the body glow more?" Kai
"Dragon blooded glow in patterns - so Acorns." GM
"Oh its got to be Acorns." Alcyone

"GM, why were you thinking about his dick." Kai
"He's an NPC, and its my responsibility." GM
"Why were you thinking about his dick in Sora's vagina?" Kai
"Right now he's face down and someone is wondering about the new sprinklerhead." Sora

"This is why Kai is President... Because she is batshit insane!" Alcyone

"Not to delay the game, but I watched an anime with Kai almost verbatim except she's a genius!" Alcyone

"Sora's used to them running and screaming away." Sora
"You know what helps with that? Makeup!" Kai

"Yay! Roommate are the best!  Kai will hug Alcyone!" Kai
".... Alcyone will hug Kai back." Alcyone
"Had to think about that one for a bit?" GM

"Normally Kai is not the source of an insight, but.." Alcyone
""She's like a Malkavian.  She see's stuff that's not there!" Sora

"Alcyone will ask Kai if she has something to share." Alcyone
"Well, Kai does have some chocolate in her bag she would like to share." Kai
"Yes, that is about what I'd expect." Alcyone

"As she is walking along is there a pattern spider stuck in the back of her head.. HEY NO! I'm stuck!" Sora

Link from Kai
"Uhm, that's bizarre Kai, but I can't stop watching!" GM
"what the fuck.." Sora

"....What?" GM
"AHH!!! NOOOO!!! Your internet privileges are revoked!" Sora

And the GM weighs in
"4:16 of what the fuck!" GM
"And that is 1/4 of a show..." Alcyone
"Uh huh!" GM extremely happy

"You know those chicks are haunted and will come out to lick your genitals." Alcyone on the rubber duckies
"Well they are haunted pussy lickin' ducks so that isn't much use for us dudes." GM

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