Monday, July 02, 2012

Fighting for the right!

"If you had wanted to start early, i have heard of some amazing new technologies that have been, in military testing, capable of sending messages directly to other people in the country.  Some folks, I hear, might even have devices capable of receiving these messages in their homes, or on their persons even.  Perhaps even equipped with some manner of auditory alert or klaxon to let them know that someone else had a desire to communicate with them."  Ariko

"Yesterday, we go to a movie.  As I am walking into the bathroom, for some reason the theater has the hand dryers at about crotch level, and there is a guy there in what I can only describe as the football receiver position.  So while I am at the urinal, I hear the one thing that most guys do not want to hear while they have their dicks in their hands.  'It's so warm... it's so... warm.'  Unfortunately the guy leaves before I finish so I can't educate him on the solemn silence of the bathroom etiquette."  Ariko

"Keep sucking some cock" Kai to Sora
"[mutual friend] would be proud!" Alcyone
"OH NO!" Sora becomes speechless in fury.

"Why are you suddenly channeling Hedonism bot, GM?" Ariko

"When you turn around, Florivet is looking very trust-worthy." GM
"Yeah... right."  Alcyone

"Raise your hand if you think we can take Veridian Mantle on this.... KAI!  That was a rhetorical question, put your hand down!" Ariko
"Hey, how did you know!?" Kai

"Do we know what these cultists costumes look like?"  Alcyone
"Of course, dear." GM in character
"Do we know what these cultists look like without his god awful help." Alcyone

"Have you ever considered dressing like a mountain folk?" GM
"The what?" Ariko

"You get one PC knocked up and here come the jokes." Sora
"You rape one PC...." Ariko
"Hey, they were willing participants... at least in my game." Sora

"The fact that our 2nd circle demon is too sexy for his shirt is one thing.." Ariko

""You can act just like a cultist because you are a deviant." Ariko
"Cuz she's a homosexual?" Kai
"Yes." Ariko
"So all cultists are homosexuals?" Kai
"No, all homosexuals are deviants." Ariko

"If the Dean is in creation, she's down with it.  It's Exalted.  It's basically one giant fuck-it.  You want to fuck a mountain?  Go for it!" Ariko

"She will flick his bones!" Ariko
"Wait... did you say.." Alcyone

"Erabolus shows up when motherfuckers learn too much, and he makes that not happen..." Ariko
"So, he will never meet Kai." Kai
"Pretty much." Ariko

"Is your cat having visions again?" Sora
"No, he's just hungry and he doesn't get fed for another 2.5 hours." Alcyone
"I was just assuming [She who will kick all of our asses] was spinning him by his tail." Ariko
"Well that would explain the oscillation." Sora


"Correct me if I am wrong, but the only thing able to have multiple souls is a Yozi."  Ariko
"It's a Horcrux!" Kai
"I would attempt to formulate an answer, but Kai just crashed the system." Sora

"Ariko want knowledge and she's not hiding it." Ariko
"I am not fucking Sora for that." Kai

"Back to the issue at hand."  Ariko
"Yes, how are we going to kill ourselves." Kai

"Sought!" Alcyone
"What the fuck did you hear?" Ariko
"Saw... And then I was like that doesn't make sense." GM

"Does Mac have a soul?" Ariko
"Yes." GM
"What is he, a Ginger?" Sora

"What happens if it goes wrong?" Sora
"It won't." Sora

"What's your compassion?" GM
"One." Alcyone
"Yep, you're a sociopath." GM

"Sora has not been playing a Temperance of One." Alcyone
"WHORE!" Ariko

"Yes, she's probably trying to hook up with one of you, because that shit's addictive." GM on Sora's lack of virginity and temperance.
"Go for Alcyone, cuz she's cold on the outside but once you reach the center its nice and warm." Kai
"And Gooey!" Ariko
"Ewww..." Sora
"Like warm apple pie." Ariko

"Why can't Alcyone and I agree?" Ariko
"Because you're always wrong!" Alcyone
"Thank you, Alcyone!" Kai

"Stupid fucking manse, I'm so glad I filled it with rocks." GM

"I once whispered in a girls ear while fucking, Ah na Cthulu na... and it didn't end well." GM
"Well that and you only lasted 30 seconds..." Ariko

"It's vibrating strings of defense." Sora
"You said vibrating... teehee." Kai

"Sora is fighting for the recognition of his twat!" Ariko

"I think I need to buy this for somebody, and I don't know who." Ariko on 50 shades of grey.

"GM, I will give you 50 bucks if you give that to your mother." Ariko
"Oh god, I'm pretty sure she would say, "GM, What the hell...?" " GM
"Or, I've already read this." Kai
"Do not want!" GM

"I caved in, because I didn't want to spend willpower on it." Sora on why she spend a night with Lynds
"Wait, this is the best excuse ever, Not I didn't want it, not anything else, but I didn't want to spend the willpower." Ariko

"You didn't have to enjoy it!" GM
"But it is a lot more fun if you do!" Kai creepily cheery
"Wow... just the tone of voice." Sora

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