Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it!

I am happy to see that so many people are reading these quotes.  The quotes are up early-ish this week due to Ariko and Kai watching Ghost Rider 2 while sober, and feeling like horrible horrible people and unable to play Lego Batman any time soon.

You may notice that character names will be changing soon.  Our current game has just ended its first season, with a little OVA included, and we may go back to a prior game.

Now, on with the Belligerent Jerks!

"Good evening campers!" GM
"Wait, we're camping?  Where are we camping?"  Kai
"Malfeas?  I don't know." GM
"Why are we in Malfeas again? Are we staying at Ligiers?" Kai
"Well, you are." GM
"No, no.  You are not staying at Ligiers."  Ariko
"What's the worst that could happen?" Kai
"Sun burn?" Sora
"Demon Baby" Alcyone

"See this is why I don't watch Opening Ceremonies.  It's pretty much the host country masturbating in front of the world." Alcyone

"You should walk to work, Sora" Kai
"Nah, that's a dangerous stretch of wilderness." Sora
"What the hell kind of wilderness animal will get you?" Alcyone
"Hobos." Sora

"Hey Kai, you like to cook and stuff so maybe you can answer this question" Sora
"Yes....." Kai
"Oh thats the way to start a conversation." Alcyone

"Bzzzzzz" Ariko
"That's for the return trip." Sora as Hix
"But you are actually a guy now!" Kai
"Sora is perfectly capable of shoving a vibrator up his ass." Ariko
"I didn't know that's what you liked." Kai
"Hey, ass play doesn't make you gay.  We all know that." GM
"It's just the kiss that does." Ariko

"They are weeds that grow next to a chocolate lake in the middle of the wyld that has a giant straw that sucks up fat boys." Sora on pocky

"Some how you've made it into the red fucking light district of malfeas!" GM
"Always where Sora wants to go." Kai

"Unless you're into that sort of thing... I don't judge." GM
"Yes you do." Kai

"Oh your Linguistics is so bad that you make a ring with one finger and slide your other finger through the circle repeatedly."  Ariko

"Buggerim Buggrit... TEA!?" GM
"Hootini!" Ariko as a jawa

"Does Hix have any way to detect poison?" Sora
"Just drink it and find out, Sora.  Hix hasn't been useful this whole fucking game." Alcyone

"You know what?  Instead of shrimp in that tea it should have been chopsticks in that tea."  Alcyone
"because then he'd dive right in?" Kai
"Because it's just as fishy." Alcyone

"TEA!" GM channeling Foul Ole Ron.

"Okay, I will grab my crotch, wander over, piss on the guy like a man!" Kai
"No no Kai, if you really want to get even, you have to rape Alcyone/Taiga" Ariko

"Do I have any poison?" Kai
"Not your bag." GM
"Well, I need a new bag." Kai
"Dump Taiga." Ariko
"What?" Kai
"Get a new bag." Ariko
"Like Bella?" Kai
"Well I was thinking Sora." Ariko

"There's a slash across his eyes." GM
"We have a naked mole rat!" Kai

"Why are you thinking of entering your momma?" Ariko
"Cuz you said.." Sora

"I check the tea cup." Kai
"There's a shrimp in it." GM
"I thought he took out the shrimp." Sora

"If you don't know counter magic, then I'm putting you down that hole, not the good one!" Ariko
"Awww!" Sora

"Dude you ended looking up a skirt in an anime, you are getting kicked, repeatedly and punted!" Alcyone

"Let's go, let's go! I'm bored, let's go!" Alcyone
"Yes! What Alcyone said!" Kai

"He stowed away on the boat." GM
"Wow, 5 days without anyone." Alcyone
"Oh you'll pay for it!" Kai
"Oh, I better!" Alcyone

"I wanna see it, I wanna see it.  Havelock wants to see it!" Kai
"Thank you GM for turning the character that Ariko idolizes into this.." Ariko
"Fine.  Havelock will want to see it in a manly and suave way." Kai

"You're about to piss off the pattern spiders." Sora
"Yeah, well they can deal!" Ariko

"Each of you had his role to play." GM
"Can his be to stay at home?" Ariko

"You always like to rip it off." Ariko
"Gotta like the stinging sensation." Kai
"Kai sweety, you are a straight up freak." Ariko

"Hix's future is this." Kai
"Hix will.... wow." Sora
"And that is oddly appropriate." Alcyone

"It's Japan, they go from nothing to boobtacular!" Ariko  link

"Oh it was ass, I only got 2 episodes in before I shut that shit off.  That anime was bad." Alcyone

"I think if we sneeze at this point the world ends" Alcyone/Mnemia
"Again, at least you aren't bored!" Sora/GM

"Oh god, I completely forgot about Gavin, and how much I want to punch him in the face." Ariko/Zuko

"It's true, we opened a number of threads on our own.  Oh I heard about that one shiney thing... ohhh shiney things!" GM/Kadon

"The last time we had a break we were waiting for the fucking time portal in Autocthonia!" GM/Kadon

"Quit stealing the Squirrel girls." Alcyone/Mnemia

"I'ts been 3 years with Kadon, I know I can do better!" GM/Kadon
"You're breaking up with Kadon?"  Kai/Ioni
"Well no, but I would like to put my dick in a different character." GM/Kadon
"You just need to nudge Ioni." Ariko/Zuko

"But isn't Yuki still a vegetable baby oven for Uranus' baby?"  Ariko/Zuko

"We had to dream rape an NPC." Ariko/Zuko
"She had some say in it, I think." Sora/GM
"And it's not even the first time its happened in your game, you sick fuck." Ariko/Zuko

"Alcyone likes to fuck dead girls and you like to impregnate NPCs." Ariko/Zuko

"Sora's temperance one and Ioni's temperance one are completely different." Sora/GM
"Just wait until your girl balls drop, then you will be humping like crazy." Ariko/Zuko
"Just need that first god dicking, then you will know how good it feels." Kai/Ioni
"Jesus." Alcyone/Mnemia


killervp said...
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killervp said...

"Does Hix have any way to detect poison?" Sora
"Just drink it and find out, Sora. Hix hasn't been useful this whole fucking game." Alcyone
That is classic! Sounds like many of our games!

Phyre Flower said...

Glad to hear! :)